The story behind competition

The idea has been initiated by Meriam El Mahiri – the president of the Association Club Arc de Marrakech and currently the event organizer. She carried out the mission of spreading Archery all over Morocco by conducting several events and activities.

The story started during the month of April 2010 by announcing the first African Indoor Archery Tournament aimed to develop archery all over Africa. Due to faced challenges, it has been decided by the organizing committee to be an international open tournament under the theme of “Archery Without Borders” as an unprecedented step toward the development of archery in Morocco and North Africa.

The first Marrakesh International Indoor Archery Tournament succeeded as an unique event of its kind in North Africa. Getting 58 international archers in competition for two days in a real collaboration and great spirit was an amazing output of such event. The Participants, coming from Africa, Asia and Europe represented five countries (Morocco, Algeria, France, Italy and Saudi Arabia).

It is worth mentioning that the participants have expressed a big joy of hospitality, nice weather, tours and social interaction reflecting the kind hosting image of Morocco, the green country. All have celebrated amazingly 2010's farewell!

As a continuous celebration of success scored during the 1st round of the tournament – the 2nd round was announced in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as the Moroccan Archery Federation (FRMTA). It took place in Marrakesh during the period of 18-20 November 2011 with a revealed theme “Arrows of Peace” on the occasion of the Independence Day of Morocco. A next idea, born from the organizer, was to make this tournament a stage of the Indoor World Cup. She immediately explained her idea to the Indoor World Cup organizers and officials of FITA, thing that was appreciated by all of them, especially since the new date chosen (November) for Marrakech is the first stage in this important event before Singapore, Nîmes and Las Vegas.

The third edition, held from 09 through 11 November 2012, was a test for the organizer to obtain the approval by the FITA to become a member of the organizing committee for the Indoor World Cup. For that, this edition was attended by several representatives of the FITA (Secretary General and an event manager) and an international company approved by FITA controlling and managing the results.

On January 24th, 2013, a meeting was held in Nîmes between the organizer of the Marrakesh tournament, representatives of the FITA and the organizing committee of the Indoor World Cup. During this meeting, Marrakesh obtained a preliminary agreement for the organization to the first stage of the Indoor World Cup, thing that was finalized by the signature of approval agreement in April 5th, 2013 between the Secretary General of FITA and President of Association Club Arc de Marrakech.

Marrakesh will represent Morocco and Africa by organizing the first stage of the Indoor World Cup, preceding Asia (Singapore), Europe (Nîmes) and Americas (Las Vegas).

Marrakesh is an enjoyable city making this tournament a unique experience with a red theme, warm-hearted hospitality and many sights to be seen in the touristic capital of Morocco – that’s really a combination of happiness and challenge. Don’t miss out!

Why the Kingdom of Morocco?

Peace surrounded by vast green sights, enjoyable weather and kind hospitality, many sightseeing opportunities, make it fun to discover new places with a special theme. Moreover, moderate prices for an unforgettable shopping experience and much more are at your disposal.

Marrakesh is a touristic and amazing city, especially in November since the weather in this month is very nice in comparison to other cities in the world. The trip will not only be for archery reasons, but also to explore different nice places and enjoy other sports activities (Skiing, climbing and hiking).